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CSRK VIP is an exclusive effective excellent program.

This premium software gives you great privileges in the game with rage and legit features. You will up your game and control the game!

Open the Software
Enter the Game
Make your Settings

What we achieved?



Advanced Wallhack

See enemies through walls, also see unseen parts in different colors. Csgo wallhack provides distinguish skeletons, weapons, directions and even names.

Wallhack Team

You can use all csgo wallhack features to on your teammates through walls. Ideal for public servers.

Other Wallhack

See weapons on the ground, C4 bomb time left, granede on the air and more. Buy csrk for explore the cs go wall hack features.


See how much you damaged the enemy, bullet directions before shooting, and the grenade direction before throwing and how much damage it will give to nearby enemies. Good for training your aim.


You can shoot enemies automatically when your crosshair is on them. You can use this feature with 2 different modes or you can fire when you press a key.

Fake Fire

You can adjust the time by miliseconds for how long trigger will fire (for automatic weapons), which allows to shoot longer after the enemy dies, giving a more realistic look to viewers.

Legit Trigger

The biggest problem with normal triggers is that when you aim at the enemy's head, you throw a single bullet, and suddenly stop. With this setting, you shoot 2-5 more fake shots after the enemy is killed.

Radar Hack

This feature allows you to see the enemy on the radar and lets you know where it is. Protect you from accidentally watching your enemy behind the wall.

Maximum Performance

FORGET FPS LOSS! With this specific performance settings, hit the bottom of the fun without losing fps, even at the lowest systems compared to other csgo cheats.

Recommended Settings

Don't know which setting you need to make? Go to the forum page click here

Legit Aimbot

All your bullets go to your enemies. Learn how the target works. Choose first and last aim points and improve your kill count.

Aimbot FOV

Determine how much your aim will go towards the enemy from any point with csgo aimbot.

Rage Aimbot

You can use Rage Aim settings in csgo especially on HVH, killing you enemies instantly the privilege of csgo aimbot.

Auto Wall and Hit Chance

Shoot through walls with the auto wall (if you can damage more than your choosen limit). Hit chance will calculate your damage percentage by predicting your and enemy movements and takes the shot if the chance is higher than your chosen limit.

No Recoil

With the No Recoil feature, shoot your bullets at one spot all the time.

Bunny Hop

Bunny is a superb feature to practice. Activate the feature and press the space key. Also you can use humanized legit bunny hop exclusively for our csgo cheats.

Remove Effects

Remove flash bombs, smoke bombs and recoil effects that features of csgo hack.

Viewer List

See the list of people who are watching your game, red names are watching you :)

Save Settings

Do not try to set it up again, do it once, save it, then it will come up automatically. You can save up to 5 different setting versions. Even save cs go skin changer settings.

In-Game Access

Press F9 or Insert keys to access the best csgo hack in game.

Fov Changer

You can play with a wider angle, you can see your enemies in every corner, you can also lenghthen your arms :)

and more...

Spin 360 degree and anti damage settings.
When using triggers, it can bother you to shoot your enemy when he is not yet fully on the sight. (Still behind the wall etc.) With this setting, you will shoot your enemy in normal reflex time with a little bit delay. It comes with 130 ms by default, you can change it as you desire.
Auto accept the game, show ranks, fake walk, spamming the chat, see as third view, fake lag, nick stealer and many more :)
With the skin changer feature in the program, you can change the look of your weapons in the game. With AWP, if you are a dragon lore, your blade is carboxy doppler, your gloves are shaped. You can choose the skin and the sticker you want for the weapon you want :)
We have been using algorithms that we have developed over the years to prevent the program from being detected by the game. We have been going with 0 ban since July 2017. There is no virus and harmful piece of code in the program.

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